“It is a city where you can dance until sunrise seven nights a week, where hospitality crackles in the air, and where looking good is a birthright and a religion in one.”

CNN Traveller

The view from Kalemegdan fortress toward New Belgrade and Zemun
Sunset above the old part of Belgrade
Belgrade at night, view from the Sava river

“This grand city seems to have always been like this: torn and split, as if it never exists but is perpetually being created, built upon and recovered. On one side it waxes and grows, on the other it wanes and deteriorates. Ever in motion and rustle, never calm and never knowing tranquility or quiet. The city upon two rivers, on the grand clearing, bound by the winds.”

“The sky above Belgrade is expansive and high, shifting yet always beautiful; clear with its chill splendour during the winter; turning into a single downcast cloud during summer storms, driven by the crazy winds and bearing rain mixed with the dust of the Pannonian plain; seeming to flower along with the ground during spring; and growing heavy with roils of autumnal stars during fall. Always beautiful and rich, as a compensation to this strange town for everything that is not there, and a consolation for all that should not be. But the greatest splendour of that sky above Belgrade, that are the sunsets. In autumn and in summer, they are broad and bright like desert mirages, and in winter they are smothered by murky clouds and dark red hazes. And in every time of year frequently come the days when the flame of that sun setting in the plain, between the rivers beneath Belgrade, gets reflected way up in the high celestial dome, and it breaks there and pours down over the scattered town. Then, for a moment, the reddish tint of the sun paints even the remotest corners of Belgrade and reflects into the windows, even of those houses it otherwise poorly illuminates.”

Ivo Andrić,

Serbian writer and Nobel Prize winner

Free Time Activities

1. Belgrade Walking Tour

Duration: 3h

Price: 2.5 - 5 eur/person, depending on a size of a group

Find about Belgrade’s secrets and interesting stories from professional guides. You will have a chance to see some of the main attractions starting from Metropol Palace hotel: The Republic Square, Bohemian Quarter (Skadarlija), the oldest part of Belgrade with Ottoman heritage, „Silicon valley“, Kalemegdan park, Belgrade fortress, The „Victor“ the most famous symbol of Belgrade, the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, Saborna church, Cafe „?“ and Knez Mihailova street.

2. Riverside Tour - iBikeBelgrade

Duration: 3 - 4h

Price: 22 - 25 eur/person, bike and helmet included

Experience a refreshing ride along the Sava and Danube rivers with a great mix of crazy architecture and green surroundings. Ride pass the rivers Danube and Sava and see architectural highlights of the socialist era of Yugoslavia, the old village of Zemun and the green and beautiful riverbank. If you are in to discover the Belgrade this is the tour for you.

3. Food and Culture Tour

Duration: 2.5 - 4h

Price: 38 - 55 eur/person, depending on a length of tour

Take a pleasant walk from venue to venue to explore tastes, culture and history of Serbia and Belgrade. You will have a chance to taste domestic dishes, snacks and beverages served in authentic places, hear about and see how life in Belgrade is today and how it came to be. During the tour you will also hear about some of the main sights of Belgrade.

Every bite is spiced up with stories dear to Serbian hearts. To experience the full flavor of Serbian lifestyle and heritage you will be invited to the places that make you feel like you are in a Serbian home. Participate in customs related to eating. After the tour you will know when and how to drink rakija, how to order a song from a band in a kafana, how to write in Cyrillic, what to bring as a present to a Serbian Slava (Saint celebration) and how to dance on a Serbian wedding.

4. Kayak Tour - Six Bridges of Sava

Duration: 3h

Price: 30 eur/person

Enjoy kayak ride and explore Belgrade's bridges of the river Sava in a fun and interactive manner. Serbian writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić wrote about bridges: "In everything that man pushes by his vital instinct, builds and raises, nothing is more beautiful or more precious than bridges. Bridges are more important than houses, more sacred because they are more useful than temples. They belong to everybody and they are the same for everybody, always built in the right place in which the major part of human necessity crosses, more durable than all other constructions and they do not serve for anything secret or bad."

During the tour, you will learn about Belgrade's history and its architectural heritage, basics of kayak skills, explore the capital from active perspective and enjoy some leisure time on river.

5. Nikola Tesla Museum - Guided Tour

Duration: 1h

Price: 5 eur/person

Nikola Tesla Museum is a unique institution of science and culture in Serbia and in the world. It is the only museum in the world which preserves the original and personal inheritance of Nikola Tesla. It possesses several exceptionally valuable collections: more than 160 000 original documents, above 2000 books and journals, 1200 historical technical exhibits, more than 1500 photographs and photo plates of original, technical objects, instruments and apparatus, above 1000 plans and drawings.

6. Belgrade Segway Tours - Kalemegdan Tour

Duration: 1.5h, Max participants per tour: 10

Price: 39 - 49eur/person, depending on a number of registered participants

Segway tours will allow you to get to know Belgrade using a trendy "green" transportation method. The accent of the tour is on Kalemegdan and all of its mystical and beautiful places, such as: The statue of Victor, Roman Well, Stambol gate, the Military museum, the Obesrvatory, the Rose church and others.

7. Open Bus Tour

Duration: 1.5h

Price: 5 eur/person

Get to know Belgrade better while enjoying the ride in an open top bus. During sightseeing tour, you will hear interesting stories, legends and anecdotes about Belgrade, its attractions and people who lived here.

8. Bathing in Forest - Spa Hammams

Duration: 2h

Price: 5 eur/person

Experience something totally different. Relax and blend with nature in one of Belgrade's forests. Spa hammam is a growing trend in medical and spa tourism, and in Belgrade you will get a chance to explore beautiful woods of the Great War island, Ada lake or Arboretum at Banovo Brdo.

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